Tips on How to Find the Most Convenient Flights


Looking for the cheapest possible flight to any destination could be difficult and tiresome, especially with fluctuating flight prices. So, if you’re searching for the most affordable airfare, here are some tips on how to find the most convenient flights.

Book Several Weeks in Advance

According to, it’s advisable to book your flight at least 49 days or seven weeks in advance. It’s also better to schedule your booking time far from the holidays. Many people travel during the holidays, and the rates are more likely to go up around that time. For example, it’s advisable to book around 96 days before Thanksgiving.

Be Flexible

Being flexible implies you’re sensitive to the laws of supply and demand. Some departure times are well-liked, with many passengers leaving around that time. This makes them more expensive. It’s critical to remain flexible enough to go with what works best for you. 

Have Options

By considering alternative airports, you can end up getting a convenient flight at a fraction of the cost. One airport could be convenient because it’s closer to you, but another nearby airport just a few hours’ drive could be cheaper. For instance, when going to New York, you can consider options like LaGuardia, JKF, or even Newark, where you could get some great discounts. 

Choose Your Booking Dates Wisely

As noted earlier, some flight dates are popular. If everyone wants to fly on Friday night at 7pm, the flights scheduled around that time will definitely be expensive. The same applies to Saturday mornings, during holidays, or any other time that is more convenient for the majority of travelers. If your schedule allows it, let your flight date be on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. 

Weekends are crazy, just like public holidays, so avoid flying on those days. Also, overnight flights are less expensive compared to day flights. Besides, you’ll save on the accommodation cost for the night you travel. Simply choose a window seat and bring your neck pillow, and you’ll have a good nap.

Be Careful What Destination You Pick

Sometimes what you see isn’t what you always get. It’s advisable not to settle for one destination before you actually see what it has to offer. You might end up spending more on the same thing when there’s a cheaper option. Once you have your goals right, you can achieve them in alternative destinations without restricting yourself to one place. So do your research, weigh options and you’re likely to save money on your trip.

Finally, and importantly, you can start saving for your trip earlier to increase your chances of getting a convenient flight. Slicing a huge chunk of your paycheck to finance your trip could derail the fun and enjoyment that come with it. Often, it’s the flight takes the lion’s share of the cost. 

Saving for your flight cost reduces the financial weight, and you might observe you have more than enough to spend on your flight. So, keep this list if you want to know how to find the most convenient flights.

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