5 Apps That Will Help You Save Money While Traveling


While traveling, it’s easy to overspend on several occasions, from booking your flight and accommodation to paying for food and other services. To avoid getting into the trap, you need budgeting apps, which are designed to ensure that you don’t overspend. 

Once installed, these apps will sort your budgeting needs and help you save money while traveling. Whether you want to track how much you spend on food or monitor foreign currencies, these apps are your closest travel companion.


As a traveler, you need the most convenient flight. But this could be difficult to accomplish, considering the comfort you’ll get, your schedule, and many other factors. Here is where you need the Skiplagged app, which reveals hidden-city tickets. It can give you more savings if you’re looking for a short-haul flight.

With this app, you can book a cheaper, long-haul flight with a layover at your actual destination. This allows you to skip the rest of the trip and simply exit at the airport of your stopover. For the best results, you should always turn on the “watch” option when you’re comparing prices. This allows you to monitor your preferred flight and get real-time notifications on your phone. That way, when prices drop, you can be the first person to grab a seat.

Trail Wallet

Trail Wallet allows you to monitor your expenses for every trip. With this app, you’ll know where your money goes from accommodation and transportation to food and other services. Besides, it offers a daily budget, and you can even know how much money you’re left to spend. Additionally, the app allows you to check your expenses both in your home country’s currency and in the local currency, which many users find helpful. When online, you can see the latest currency exchange rates too.


This online banking app can save your wallet while traveling. In some destinations, you might find that money changers charge a very high commission. N26 allows you to withdraw your money for free in most cities. Besides, it has the best exchange rates. In the end, you have control over your money right on your phone, and you can track your purchases since you receive real-time notifications after every transaction. 


This app tracks all your booked flights and hotel reservations. You only need to sync it with your e-mail. Once installed, any time your flight delays or gets canceled, the app contacts the airline on your behalf to claim compensation. The amount can vary from one airline to another but ranges between $50 and $700, according to its founder Michael Schneider. Overall, this app can save you up to $300 annually. 


XE gives you real-time currency conversions in more than one currency. This is helpful when you’re traveling through various countries during your trip, and you’d like to purchase something at some point. Price tags may differ based on the country, but if you have this app, you’re sorted. You can easily know where the item is cheaper, based on the exchange rates.

Research shows that Americans spend more on vacations. These apps can help you with how to save money while traveling.

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