Top 5 Camping Gadgets That Will Make Your Stay More Comfortable


When deciding to go on a camping trip, you need to add various outdoor essentials to your checklist. These gadgets can make your stay comfortable and let you enjoy your camping escapade more – think about a portable stove or a triple hammock. These accessories improve your comfort wherever adventure may take you. 

Here are our best camping gadgets to enhance your trip in 2020.


A light source is necessary during camping, but a headlamp takes it to another level by allowing you to navigate the wild terrains easily. Models such as the BioLite 330 are light, portable, and weigh only 2.5 ounces. It comes with a rechargeable battery, which is mounted on the back of the headband. This makes the flash secure in its position on your forehead without sagging or bouncing. Importantly, the flashlight comes with four different lighting modes and can run for up to 40 hours before you should recharge.

Instant Cabin Style Tent

This cabin-style tent gives you and your family a homey feel during your camping. It can accommodate up to nine people; it’s fitted with pre-attached poles, making it easy to set up in just one minute. Besides, it comes with a room divider and zippered doors and windows to take care of your ventilation and privacy. Its extra features include a fully taped rainfly that gives you the illusion of sleeping under the stars and hanging storage pockets.

Sleeping Bag

Your camping cannot be comfortable without a great sleeping bag. The best sleeping bags are stuffed with synthetic insulation that consists of 80 percent recycled materials and they are available in various types for men, women, and children. A good example is the spoon-shaped design, which retains heat without enclosing you like most sleeping bags do. When the night is warm, you can open its two vents positioned in the chest area to unload hot air. To boost your comfort, it offers an additional built-in pillow pocket and a big draft collar boost.

Sleeping Pad

In addition to the sleeping bag, a sleeping pad could make your camping stint more relaxed. This gadget is imperative, especially if your campsite is on rocky terrain. The best models come with a nonslip grip bottom that ensures it doesn’t slide around your tent when you sleep. They are also less bulky yet provide ample cushioning.

Flashlight First Aid Kit

Your first aid kit comes handy in case of any eventuality, making it one of the best camping gadgets to help you enjoy your stay. This unique flashlight is actually a medical set enclosed in a LED flashlight. It has everything you could possibly need when an emergency arises. You can find painkillers, antiseptic wipes, gloves, and tweezers. It also comes with a compass and a whistle — all items rolled into a sleek, 9-inch long tube that is easily portable.

This list could be long. There are other items which could make your stay more comfortable like the coffee maker and many more. Upon evaluation of different camping items, the gadgets mentioned in this list are our best picks.

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