Most Useful Devices for Business Travelers


If you’re a regular business traveler, then you must appreciate the value of great technology. Business travel means you’ll be attending seminars, workshops, or trade fairs, and you need the right piece of gear to help you maximize your business opportunities. Without appropriate devices, you can end up wasting time, being frustrated, and even miss significant business deals.

Of course, you need to be careful while selecting business devices. Many pieces of gear in the market are bulky, poorly performing, or just not portable enough to fit into your backpack. The most important thing is to choose the right business device. The following are our most useful devices for business travelers. 

Travel Strip with Surge Protector

During a business trip, there aren’t always enough outlets to charge all your stuff. At the airport, you might not be lucky to get a charging point. While hotels are slowly adjusting to the needs of today’s traveler, it’s still necessary to have your own power strip and extension cord that you can connect to any nearby terminal. Best models can extend up to more than 5 feet, have two outlets and four USB ports. Besides, they easily fit in your backpack.

Wireless Travel Router

A wireless router is one of the most useful devices for business travelers. With a portable battery and a wireless hotspot, this device will give you peace of mind during your business trip by ensuring that your cell phone and USB-powered gadgets do not run out of power. You simply need to plug the devices into the router, and you’re good to go.

Additionally, the wireless hotspot is the prime feature of this device. If you’re in a hotel that only uses a network cable, it completely saves the situation. Best models come with an Ethernet port, so you simply need to plug in the cable, and it will convert into a wireless network that can serve any of your devices.

Travel Steam Iron

A mini travel steam iron ensures that your shirts are never creased while you’re on a business trip. The best models are compact and lightweight, and they’re the size of a computer mouse. With a 420-watt motor, they deliver enough power at three levels to ensure that your clothes are free of any wrinkles because of the packaging.

Smart Carry-on Suitcase

A great carry-on suitcase should balance your personal style, needs, and design preferences; so, if you want to adorn that James Bond look, you need a smart carry on suitcase to match. The best model is often made of lightweight aluminum alloy, sleek, and it’s compact. Importantly, it has tech features, such as a built-in LED light that you can switch on in dim light. 

With a flat top, this suitcase can serve as a worktop as you travel. It also comes with a removable power bank that can serve your mobile devices through a USB-C connection. Besides, the smart carry-on suitcase is fire-resistant and comes with a smart tracking app that allows you to locate it at all times.

Nomatic Travel Pack

This travel pack is waterproof, anti-theft, and doubles up as a laptop backpack. It has multiple helpful things that you can utilize as a business traveler. For example, it offers a quick access pocket for your valuables such as cellphone and other important items. It also has a secret pocket to store sensitive items, like cash, credit, or debit cards.

Business travel is demanding in terms of professionalism. The useful devices for business travelers mentioned in this list could help you get the most out of your trip.

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