Top 5 Most Underestimated Tourist Destinations in 2020


Sometimes it’s more rewarding and fulfilling to visit some of the little-known destinations. These places are often underestimated, but they share a rich history, diversity, and outdoor adventure that people might find quite thrilling. They may not be well-known like other mainstream places, but they have a lot to offer to travelers and are less populated.

Here are the most underestimated tourist destinations, which should consider visiting in 2020.

Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

Colonia del Sacramento is among the oldest cities in Uruguay. It dates back to the 1600s during the Portuguese settlements. The city has evolved into a favorite spot with a rich history that remains unexplored by the majority of travelers. In this city, you can explore the UNESCO-recognized Old Quarter, with palm-lined stone streets, a relaxing waterfront, and a 300-year old convent. 

Archipelago Sea, Finland

The Archipelago Sea is based in Finland. It’s the world’s largest island with 25000 miles of shoreline and great sights. It’s a perfect destination for canoeing or kayaking with no interference from another soul apart from a sea eagle or two. The island is a well-kept secret of the Finns, who often visit the area when it’s warm. Otherwise, it is quite unlikely to see any foreign visitors. One of the places you can explore is Turku, which is Finland’s medieval capital, where you can enjoy great food and drink.

Con Dao, Vietnam

Con Dao is another often overlooked destination. However, it is one of the best beach destinations in Vietnam. The island boasts two real resorts: Six Senses and Poulo Condor. Here you can explore outdoor activities like bike riding and kayaking. Poulo Condor offers a fantastic spa, fresh-pressed juice bar, and boutique accommodations. Away from the beaches, you can explore other nearby sights, including Vietnamese martyr Vo Thi Sau’s tomb.


Panama is called the “hub” of Central America. Ironically, it’s also one of the most underestimated tourist destinations, as it has a lot to offer in terms of vacation. First, the island sits at the crossroads of two oceans and two continents, which means it’s the most strategic spot to enjoy the best of both worlds. Besides, Panama has wonderful beaches and magical mountain cliffs.


If you’re looking to visit eastern Asia, Taiwan is one of the overlooked destinations you can explore. It offers irresistible food, rich culture, and a beautiful natural environment. The nightlife here is great, with 300 markets bussing in the streets at sunset. The capital of Taiwan, Taipei, is the largest night market, where you can try various Taiwanese food, including charcoal meat rolls, fried milk balls, and pork paper. 

Like great minerals, which are hidden behind a regular-looking soil, some overlooked destinations could turn out to be the best. From our list, you can pick a place and begin your travel arrangements to discover more for yourself. What we mentioned here is just the tip of an iceberg, but you can start your adventure with these cities, islands, and countries that are some of the most underestimated tourist destinations.

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