The Safest Destinations for a Summer Vacation in 2020


Feeling secure while visiting a new country is of utmost importance for every traveler. While it is virtually impossible for any location to be completely without any threats, here are some of the safest destinations for a summer vacation.


All Nordic European countries are known to be very safe, but Denmark is considered the safest Scandinavian country by far. It is worth mentioning that Denmark has one of the world’s lowest crime rates, and locals are generally amiable and fluent in English.

You can feel completely safe while visiting Copenhagen’s enchanting Old Town, colorful houses, and Amalienborg Palace. Due to its geographic position and proximity to the sea, Denmark stays rather cool in the summer months, making it a perfect destination for those who dislike sweltering weather.

New Zealand

Scoring number 2 on the Global Peace Index, New Zealand is a beautiful country with a diverse array of dazzling natural sceneries. From soaring snowcapped mountains with ancient glaciers to vast volcanic sand beaches and tropical rainforests, New Zealand has it all.

A third of the island is a protected conservation area, meaning that you are pampered for choice when it comes to national parks where you can explore wide and unspoiled open spaces.


Switzerland has gained a reputation for being peaceful, as it has mostly stayed out of all major historical conflicts. The country abounds with majestic mountains, lush meadows, clear lakes, and enchanting towns. You can catch the panoramic views in one trip through The Bernina Express, which runs between eastern Switzerland and Tirano, just over the Italian border.


Those looking for sun and fun should try Greece, as it is the safest destination for a summer vacation. According to a report made by Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection, it is the 9th safest country in Europe. The Hellen citizens are some of the most hospitable and warm people you will have the chance to meet.

Greece has a vast network of 6,000 islands that are scattered across the Aegean and the Ionian Sea, with islands being generally even safer than the mainland. Almost all locations in Greece have amazing white beaches and calm, turquoise waters lapping at their shores.


For more than a decade now, Iceland has maintained its position as the most peaceful nation in the world, ranking number one on the Global Peace Index. And while the island has attracted more and more tourists each year due to its otherworldly natural sceneries, the country has still remained safe. From volcanic lava fields to cascading waterfalls through ice-white glaciers, you will find many hikers in the summer exploring this diverse land. There are also plenty of camping sites among the uninterrupted pristine hills of Iceland. Its capital, Reykjavik, is a great destination for those looking to socialize, as it has a thriving nightlife and music scene.

This has been our list with the safest destinations for a summer vacation where you can go this year.

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