Perfect Locations for Solo Traveling in 2020


Traveling solo is one of the most powerful ways to explore a new place. It gives the freedom to be flexible and relieves you of the stress and attention that come with group travel. Besides, you can visit many destinations alone. But how do you know the best places? In this list, we compile perfect locations for solo traveling, which you can explore in 2020. 


The United States of America (USA) is a perfect solo travel destination, based on its rich diversity of locations. In the USA, there’s something for everyone. You can choose to bask in the sunny havens of California or watch the magical skyscrapers of NYC. Moreover, you can proceed south to explore the surreal landscapes like the Grand Canyon.

As a solo traveler, you have the freedom to choose the adventure you want. The USA offers accessible spots for solo travelers with its superb infrastructure and safety levels.

Santiago, Chile

Apart from the popular North American destinations, you can choose to explore southwards. Santiago, Chile, is a South American destination for solo travelers. Even for non-Spanish speakers, it’s quite friendly and easy to explore alone. You can simply take an Uber or the subway to visit different points. 

The city has plenty of delightful places with a casual atmosphere to enjoy a meal and cocktail alone. For instance, you can visit the De Patio restaurant and meet a friendly chef who engages you in a discussion while he prepares various dishes with fresh ingredients from his garden.

Tokyo, Japan

Regardless of its status and size, Tokyo is another friendly destination when you can travel solo. You might not even realize that you are alone, given the Japanese city’s buzz and vibrancy. It offers a lot to see, but even with limited time, you’ll still get a memorable experience. If you’re into nightlife, you can visit some of its best spots and restaurants where you can eat your fill. In order to admire the whole atmosphere of the city, you can easily get around using public transport. The people are polite, ready to help, and no quirky stares. 

Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is an excellent destination for solo traveling. It offers a serene, natural environment and a lot more, as Canada is one of the safest countries in the world. In Vancouver, you’ll get fantastic views of mountains and explore various other places, such as Granville Market and Stanley Park.

Malta Island

This little European island is often overlooked, but it has a lot to offer for the solo traveler. In fact, it has won an award for being one of the best solo travel destinations. Due to its small size, you can easily navigate the island on your own using local buses or rental cars. Besides, you can choose to relax and unwind at the Blue Lagoon.

If you love backpacking and solo travel, the places mentioned here should be on your list. So, do not forget to check this list when you will plan your next trip, as these are some of the perfect locations for solo traveling.

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